I thought I'd put a little clip up of a film I worked on last summer called 'The Polish Language'. I supplied the sound design and music, although there is no music in this clip as it happens. Orla McHardy was the animator and Alice Lyons the poet whose poem the animation is based on, but also collaborated on every aspect of the production.

It was a lot of fun, used an entirely different bit of my head and taught me a lot in a condensed time frame. Recording all the noises became something of an obsession, as I chased around fiddling with pencils and flapping paper around wildly. Sylvie's mum also came through for me with some lovely plaintive viola and provided their woozy piano, which I plonked away lightly on trying not to rouse the dogs or offend any nearby babies.

The other thing that was very interesting for me was how reasonably straightforward it was to work in different countries at the same time. I never once met my collaborators in person, but what with skype and ableton live I found that working together worked just like it should. Our distance didn't seem to slow proceedings at all. It helped that I really enjoyed Orla and Alice's approach - a thoroughly lighthearted extreme commitment.

One bit of additional good news for us all, was that the film went on to win best animation at this year's Galway Film Fleadh and is now screening all over the place. I will stick up a fuller version of the film when it has done the rounds.

I rather hope I get a chance to do some more of this sort of thing - it suits me I reckon. In fact a lot of people when hearing any bit of music of mine will say - 'sounds like a soundtrack that, not like a song at all really'.

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