I'm pretty damn excited by this one. I think I mentioned that I was working with Jim Noir on a little group of tracks. Well this is the first one off the line. Feels just right for a hot day like this. 

Don't blame Jim for the singing, he hasn't suddenly got all rubbish that's me. I thought he'd appreciate the extra little bit of human-ness that singing tends to bring. 

Anyway this started life as little bundle of loops and bits sent from Jim to me, including the wonderful fuzzy bass foot you'll hear throughout. I then added all sorts of melody lines, way too many in fact and then spent the rest of the time editing them back until something smaller and more sensible emerged. 

Now to my skewed ears it sounds like a bona fide pop song, minus the singing and more usual verse-chorus thing. What d'you reckon?

6/25/2010 05:30:20 am

Yes, a pop song - but of the French variety. You could be big in Paris, if your not already are.


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