A little woozy number I have been messing about with for a while. Still not quite there, but ready for an outing I think.

On a different note, I am working on releasing a set of delux super short run CDs of the various albums that Eva Hipsey has had a hand in over the last four years. I am trying to work out how to make it affordable and fabulous at the same time. My dream is to release a set of 6 or seven discs that somehow fit together in a lovely way. So all the tracks would still be here and free and downloadable, but there would also be some objects for people to hold and consider. Anyway that's my plan and it could still easily fail in the execution.
2/3/2010 08:03:47 pm

Like this, but thought maybe some of the percussion sounds are a bit intruisive to the whole. There's a cabasa (or something that sounds like one) sound that I'm not sure that works.

Very much enjoying listening to your work - there's an inclusivity which I really like, you draw me in rather than push me away, provoke interest rather than alienation....

2/20/2010 06:41:46 pm

Thanks Matt,

I'm going to go and check that out that errant percussion sound this week. My mixes often end up with one rather too insistent sound that I have become completely immune to.


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