True it has taken quite a while to sort out (four years) but I managed it in the end. A finisher completer me. The final push was that Robert Popper and Peter Serafinowicz both mentioned it in the last week or so. That was when I realised that had forgotten to put it on the new site. Did a new graphic for the cover (can you even have a cover anymore?).

And just to be perverse I will be getting ANSTAR II ready for next week. But here is the first volume that was provoked into being by Matty and Pete for a live thing in the Foundry. A very strange night indeed for me. Crazy reflective sound space, I hadn't worked out what you are supposed to do with albeton live in front of people (still got no idea) and my mate was barred from entry about 10 minutes in. But then the music is quite unsettling, so it all helped the mood.

Toby over at Svetlana Industries is hoping to put out a 12" of ANT3 and has commissioned a lovely remix of it that isn't around to hear just yet. I will ramble on about it if it happens.

Silly really but I'm getting all excited about the new volume, isn't that the creative dilemna, always in love with the thing you are working blind to the wasteland behind. 
6/14/2010 12:54:51 pm

Go Justin!

Just fantastic as ever. So inventive and lovely - just like you!

9/26/2013 06:23:40 am

You are right Robert. Thanks.

6/14/2010 01:00:14 pm

I followed a tweet by Serafinowcz. I am sure glad I did. Fantastic!

Chezza Bousfield
6/14/2010 01:28:32 pm

Fantastic. I love it. YAYY to Mr. Popper and Mr. Serafinowicz for giving you a nudge to post it up

6/14/2010 10:50:02 pm

It's really great stuff! Is it possible to either download or physically buy this?

Justin Spooner
6/15/2010 08:08:36 am

Thanks all. I am going to make this one available more fully using bandcamp so that you can get nice hi-resolution versions. Will let you know when I have managed it.

7/24/2013 11:15:30 pm

oh well, that sounds so good for me then and I am loving the way it is for us right now.

10/2/2013 06:00:16 am

When I first saw that book, I thought it was something Biblical.


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