ANTSTAR II - now available to keep - Eva Hipsey Music
Yes, I have done it. I have survived the upload to Bandcamp. And for that effort I can now say that ANTSTAR II is available to purchase, keep and enjoy.

I need to thank Sylvie for all sorts of things, but in this case I'll thank her for various vocal additions and cello work. Also it is fair to say that 'the other marsh' simply wouldn't exist without the supple and powerful bass of Pete Marsh. I'm afraid the rest is just me mucking about.

Thanks also to zumaezrazimbabwe - kind words indeed.  
Steven (zuma)
5/29/2011 19:11:47

thanks so much for the mention!! you have no idea how ecstatic I was when I saw this post! cheers from California!

10/2/2012 14:22:46

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