I think this follows on nicely from 'Work'. Still dusty, still has some wetted circuitry, but a little sweeter, more burnt sugar. I will gather these together at some point cos I think that'd be good. Then what?

It is Sunday today and the world has changed - it is very much warmer, in a good way. But as I was making this it was cold, and this felt like something warm and buried. I was considering calling it 'back to your cave' but decided that sounded a bit too much like a come on. My favourite noise on this is the vibes supplied by the trusty M-Tron, I don't know where I'd be without it - probably sounding much more bang up to date.

On a totally separate note - I have started making some videos for tracks - it  has been about 10 years since I last spent a proper amount of time with After Effects, but I can report that it is a fantastic program and I got right back on it - and it is a lot of fun. So I'll bung up some work in progress soon.
1/24/2010 10:59:29 pm

This is lovely Nr Spooner - for some reason it reminded me of Sailing By, the music they play on Radio 4 at the end of the night. Just in case your not familiar...

2/3/2010 06:38:33 am

thanks matty - I had a listen and if I squeeze my eyes I think I can hear what you mean


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