Well well well. Robert came round mine and we did some focussed editing and mucking about. I think we have something very odd, but now somehow understandable, and very pulsing. 

I think the main theme is something that Robert has been developing for some time. As I've said elsewhere, we met up late last year and recorded lots of musical cells that I could than take away and make Eva Hipsey like. A few of those cells became the basis for CHASE. I then got Reaktor out to see if I could find just the right kind of whoosing backward sound that I have a penchant for, and we were off. A washboard like brushes beat and we had some gypsy electronics going.

Robert then came back back to north London, after many fantastical trips, where and when I got him to settle down and add a few more lines and splats. I have to say I very much enjoyed the look of utter conviction and concentration on his face as he improvised in ever expanding spirals over my mis-shapen beats. He's a great player - very precise, always wanting something more - quite at odds with my approach. I'm looking forward to getting the other two tracks up that we worked on - they'll be here soon.

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