Being consumed for six months by other things is not what I planned. But I didn't plan this rather lovely release either. Tom just kindly presented it to me the other day. The new new Ron Moth/Tom Horn EP, and I'm very glad to be be able to present it here. It will shortly be up on Bandcamp, for the collector.

Here is Tom's explanation of what it is all about:

Singer/songwriter-ing can be a lonely old kettle of fish, so I enlisted my imaginary friend Ron Moth to help.  The best thing about Ron is that he includes a whole band of talented pals helping to realise the songs.  He has a back and a front as well as at least two sides, one of them dark:

Good Times Again
Ron romantic, wistful, wishing to recapture precious moments with his lover, eventually considers the possibility that he’s inventing them even as he’s remembering them.

Ron notices the practice of laying-claim-to-what’s-yours runs through the animal kingdom, well-to-do human tea parties and his own personal relationships.

(Don’t Go to the Dark Side Tonight,) Rosie
Rosie, idealised as a good ol’ country gal, shows herself to be a much more rounded person, much to the vexation of her peeping neighbour. 

Human Love
A song that tells a story...about the Devil. What the lyric says about society is as relevant today as it was when the song was written...nearly one year ago.

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