This a little collection of pieces I have been working on from just before Wilfred was born until today. They pretty much have been my musical release through a fairly bonkers three months as I think you'll be able to hear.

I have to thank Simon Hopkins for his guitar activity on 'my hot ghost', it was exactly what it needed and there was no way on earth I was going to be supplying it. So I shanghaied him into a bit of completely unprepared for improvisation when he was supposed to be working at mine. Thank goodness I did.

They are all quite long, I decided to let myself go with the structure of these things. I wanted something you could get lost in. I certainly did. 

'my hot ghost' is about Bertie rather than Wilfred. He has been a real companion to me as I have re-learnt the facts of living. It sounds way sadder than I meant it to be. I simply wanted to point out that no matter how close a being is, they are always separate, themselves, unknowable - he is my hot ghost.

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