The lovely people at Svetlana have just released a rather splendid compilation of work from their artists, myself included I am proud to say.
I think Toby has pulled off something special here with the mix. It reminds me of when I used to make mix tapes for people. Trying to keep within a frame but developing the mood, and frankly trying to impress the other with one's skill, sensitivity and awesome command of the catalogue. 

Did that ever actually work? Maybe I was just trying to impress myself - that certainly worked.

They have included one of my ANTSTAR tracks which I have included here as well, just so I could stick up an accompanying picture really. Just a note - this track was created for a live performance that somehow wedged surf guitar and saxophone over the top - I remember my head almost exploding at the complexity of it all and the outright weirdness of staring into Ableton Live with its dry little boxes of meaning while all the time this soaking wet rasping sliding thing slunked all around.

Anyhow - I hope you like it and the other tracks arranged around it over at Svetlana.

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