Luckily I just got this in before my Soundcloud quota ran out. I can't put anymore tracks up before the 12th of September. Ah well, that'll give me some time to think and pace myself a bit.

This is a streamlined version of a track I put up in mid-August. It used to be just about ten minutes and now it is just over six. The funny thing is that I have reduced the whole thing, but somehow tried to cram more in to it. Editing is an odd process. My friend Charles has a phrase that sums it up for me, when you have to deliver an overly long something in a hurry, you can excuse yourself with a - 'I didn't have time to make it shorter'.

I have tried to keep the heavenly calling and the earthly bass tumbling over each other as best I can. Sylvie assisted me greatly on keeping the structure understandable, and of course that meant cutting away a few musical diversions. I struggled at first, because my memory kept on recalling the phantom limbs, but now I can't remember anything of those withered moments and I feel just fine about it. Have I cut too far?
9/10/2009 04:35:10 am

definitely didn't cut too far


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