UPDATE: This EP is now available in the shop.

So, as I mentioned a little while back, Jim Noir and myself have been doing a little bit of work over the summer. And this is the result. Four short tracks combining our quite different approaches. 


We've got bits of bass guitar, piano, humming/wailing and a whole weather system of synths and pretty much anything else we could cram in. Consequently these tracks may be be short but they are pretty maximal.

For some reason I hear these tracks as pop, but that might be because I can't actually remember what pop sounds like anymore. Is there a Radio 2 show I should be sending them to? Are these 'breakfast' pieces, suffused with the sound of the sun rising over a different part of the planet and a sense of a melancholic event happening to someone else.

As always I am stumped as to my next move.

In other news Jim has a new EP to download right now over on his website and a new slab of vinyl on the way soon, which looks very pink and exciting.
10/20/2010 04:14:41 am

I love it!!! Big fan of Jim Noir and I can see why he'd want to work with you. I'm also glad that Jim did not collaborate with a gangsta rapper!

11/2/2010 08:56:40 pm

I also love it! The rest of your work sounds really good too from what I've heard so far (just bought On the Edge of Silver Wood)! Will you be adding this to your bandcamp shop any time soon?

11/3/2010 02:32:05 pm

Hi Eva

Mike Joyce from The Smiths here. I'm doing a session with Jim Noir next week for my radio show on East Village REadio. Could you send me over some mp 3's of your new material so I can play them on the radio? Cheers, Mike

11/3/2010 07:18:47 pm

Good stuff! Would love to be able to purchase these tracks. Pink vinyl is OK!

Justin Spooner
11/14/2010 08:36:26 am

Hello - just thought I'd say that this EP is now available in the shop

8/21/2013 06:12:14 am

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