As I was saying before, Robert and myself are now on a mission to create a group of tracks that in an earlier, more innocent age, was called an album. He came round a couple of days ago and I forgot all about my other kind of work and focussed on getting as much guitar out of Robert as was possible. Which it turned out to be lots. Four new odd sketches of guitar with slight rhythmic anchoring. So I will be messing about with all that he left behind, and the next time we meet we'll try and polish something up that would stand up as a 'work in progress' and stick it up.

I also just wanted to note that my friend Toby is getting on brilliantly with setting up his new imprint - Svetlana Industries, coming out of Belgrade. He's hoping to be releasing one of my Anstar pieces shortly with a hefty remix on the other side, alongside a slew of other wonky-esque releases. Yes, that's right, it'll be a record, black and round. I am very excited by the prospect - so much so that I will have to get the record player from under the bed and re-instate to use. I also really like the new greyscale graphics he's got going - sputnik meets frigidaire.

Here is a mix Toby has put together to sum up where he's heading - he tells me there is an unheard Zomby track buried in there somewhere.

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