I am putting this track up because I think it sums up something about the last few weeks. It has been all hospitals, NHS debating, and finally a rather splendid and simple birth of my new son Wilfy by Sylvie. 

So it is handy that this has both me and Sylvie singing on this one. It feels like a something of a bumpy journey, clouded with some anxiety but also run through with some happy turns. And I am probably reading too much in to it but somehow I can hear the long journey from night to the first peep of light.

As usual it has a completely incoherent structure as no one is whipping me in to shape on this number. But then I am a fan of continuously unspooling structures. 

I have had not much time for this music thing of late, but I am doing a little bit of collaborative track building with the fabulous multi talented Jim Noir, which is great fun and I think likely to produce some very odd, in a good way, results. I am looking forward to sending over my first reworking of his material soon.

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