Right then. This is a completely different collaboration, which has resulted in a different kind of music. This is me working with the heavily talented Roland Taylor. Roland is a great improvisor / composer / player and consequently I had to raise my game, quite a bit. And in the end we switched instruments so often, neither of us is quite sure who is doing what in these tracks.

I think we intended to make some kind of gentle, lilting lullaby music, but as you can tell from the first piece we went off track almost immediately. I do think 'First Light' and 'Last Point' are well on the way to being soporific.

We have actually performed some of these tracks live - I think it was 'Try' - and I have been told that we looked fairly crazy, both hammering away at keyboards and singing. I remember that strange woosh of absurdity come over me as I looked at a room full of people while making very strange facial expressions.

I'm also going to be putting up some of Roland's lovely solo piano music up here soon.
11/7/2012 08:22:13 am

Oh mine! "The Way" is so cool! I see that Roland is really heavy talented!

7/2/2013 07:03:26 am

You are really good in what you do. Comgrats!

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