Present themes for past places
At last it's ready.

Danz and myself have been knocking these back and forth through the cables for at least a whole season. Danz is Computer Magic and she is based in Brooklyn and having a very busy and much in demand time of it at the moment. We met on the venerable Soundcloud service, brought together by the master connector Robert Popper. After initial pleasantries we decided to see if we could make a track or two using the 'swap very large files' method - which in this day and age just about works.

A couple of tracks down we realised our nostalgia soaked approaches seemed a good fit and five tracks along we got to here. Danz sings on pretty much all of her own tracks usually, but for these she focused much more on the synth, drums and noises end of her spectrum. But she does give full voice on Wet red clay of Vigor Drift and I think it has worked out a treat - elsewhere I'm afraid I have supplied my shakey and wandering voice; I find it hard to resist these days.

So last thing - I have made this available to buy and keep in the shop, much like all the EPs I am sticking up here at the moment. In no time the first Tom Horn EP will join them - a very different proposition.
8/14/2013 05:25:06 am

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