I'm very pleased to be putting this ten track selection of Roland's piano music up. It has taken some time to make the choices, get them in the right order and then test them in a speeding car. But I think the timing has turned out well - to release them into the wild in a July with much of the same character as the music - constantly turning, filled with uncertainty yet perfectly warm.

This selection is a mixture of solo piano music and music for two pianos and I for one am looking forward to the live performance. I'll keep you posted on that, and if by chance you're a pianist who would be up for playing these pieces do let me know.

I will be putting them up on Bandcamp soon in the usual way.
7/8/2011 02:41:30 am


10/24/2012 01:24:29 pm

That is surely the best excellence post from your blog. had great knowledge.

6/3/2013 08:55:42 pm

Thank you for sharing some good piano music. Instrumental music always blow our mind away, they are better to listen when we are alone. I appreciate Roland for this wonderful piece of art. They are the number one in this industry.

6/9/2013 03:32:53 pm

A wooden hammer covered with felt is attached to the part of the key you can't see. When you press a key, it pushes the hammer into sets of one, two or three steel wire strings and lifts the damper off the strings. Thanks.

7/16/2013 12:24:14 am

Well, like the guitar, you have multiple fingers to use. You press different strings at the same time for the chords on the guitar, and you press different keys on the piano at once to play chords, the same way. Thanks.


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