This track is a solo effort and one that I made specifically to be played live. I had my small Korg, and my laptop set up with Ableton Live and I basically kept shifting speedily between the two trying to keep up with myself. Thanks to Simon and Pete for making me do such a silly thing in front of people I know. Anyway against all the odds I think it worked out pretty well. Sort of wet sounding, lots of accordian (prerecorded back the house, as I only have two hands) and some odd rhythm business going on, which I was triggering by hitting various keys on the laptop. So what do you reckon, has it got enough in it to sustain a listen in a non-live environment? I am completely blinded to it now, as it feels like more of a process than a piece now, in my mind.
8/25/2009 04:22:34 am

ooh. now that's squelchy. i remember this one from the gig as causing involuntary spasming in my lower regions. nice!


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