Inspired by a recent conversation with Robert Popper, I decided to embark on the serious matter of making some music for use in sitcoms. Yes, straight out materialism caught my eye - I could see the giant toppling piles of golden cash. But more, a certain notoriety and the chance to anchor my minutes of wandering bass blomple onto something sturdy and necessary. 

So what should I do to get things rolling? How about some orchestral whirls underpinned by scronching wobble bass and bleeping harps? Yes that's what I'll do.

Well this is the first of my efforts. 

Seems pretty silly to me. 

And now that I sit back and listen, I can allow myself the fantasy of standing in front of that orchestra, directing the harp and percussion with my midi keyboard and subtle hand gestures. Rainbows of rain fall and twinkle off the brass, whose players are dressed in clean grey suits with dark purple bowler hats. A haze of golden smoke drifts around our feet as we shout, full pelt, our individual torments and desires into the face of an anonymous bass line. 

And after we rest, wet and laughing quietly.

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