Back to the dirty sound. I have been working on and off with this track for quite some time. I'll admit there was a chunk of time that I really disliked it. I think I broke it through overuse. This is an Anstar track through and through but I wanted to add voices to add some kind of warmth. Sylvie and I ended up singing this strange wordless concoction that made it sound less human than ever. We even tried to get it together enough that we could play this track live, with me on laptop and buttons and both of us singing, we even practiced. Thankfully we came to our senses.

That was of course when going out was an option. Maybe that time will come again and we will perform this as two 60 year olds, an act of nostalgia, on dusty old technology when we thought the future was made of soft metal curves.
4/27/2010 08:35:15 am

More pretty future pop, with hints of unspoken tenderness, one of your best of recent! Have tried to ring you several times to check that sanity prevails re.new addition to family. Hopefully see you soon in all your splendor. Love to Sylvie and the little ones.


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