Tonal Rheum
Here is something I have been fiddling with for far too long. Best to close it down by giving it some air. Project Moonbase played it on their show last night - thank you very much for that. 

It has had everything pumped in to it at one point and then scoured back out - I think it was about 12 minutes long at one point. Just as I was about to compose it in to 4 other pieces Sylvie calmed me down and delicately snipped here and there. So although this is a quite a simple piece in all I have been wrestling with it for about 2 years! 

Plodding on with getting the various albums pressed - looking in to packaging this week - if anyone has any oddball ideas on an eva hipsey style packaging approach give me a shout. I wanted to go with a wonderful slimline cardboard box for each album but haven't quite found such a thing yet.

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